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How to Verify a WeChat Account

To start using the app, you need to register. If you already have a WeChat account, provide your WeChat ID or phone number linked to it:
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  • check Creating a WeChat account without a phone number
  • check Activate wallet in WeChat Pay without Chinese card
  • check Business account online registration
  • check Access to a virtual phone number active in China

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How to Verify a WeChat Account without a Phone Number

WechSpy has several hundred fully verified WeChat accounts in its arsenal. Confirming an account using such accounts guarantees their high status in the messenger's security system. To start the verification it is enough to find the tab "Verification" in the interface of the application, upload a QR-code from WeChat application to the WechSpy database and click "Run".

Repeated Account Verification

This function is available for all WeChat account owners, who do not use their account for more than 6 months: in such cases the system usually blocks the account, and the reverification becomes almost impossible (even contacting support service does not help). However, thanks to the status of the accounts used by WechSpy, successful verification is virtually guaranteed.

Personal Virtual Chinese Phone Number

In case if the user doesn't have a phone number or his mobile operator doesn't support receiving the SMS confirmation code, the application specifies a virtual Chinese phone number during registration, while the number is attached to the WechSpy account. Receiving and viewing incoming messages on such a phone number is possible only through the software interface.

Authorization on Other Devices

Through the WechSpy Dashboard you can manage active WeChat account sessions - create new and deleting old ones. Before logging into their account on their device, users should log into the application interface to get the necessary authorization code later.

WeChat Pay Wallet Activation

The first thing the software does is send a "envelope" - a money transfer for a small amount of money - to the user in a chat room. Opening the "envelope" will automatically create a WeChat Pay wallet. WechSpy will then attach a virtual UnionPay card issued by a Chinese bank to the wallet. After completing the activation, the software will generate a random password to confirm payments.

Third-party Interface for Account Management

The interface of the software includes an external account management panel for WeChat business account. Using a third-party interface will help avoid the problems that haunt foreign users of the messenger. The control panel is a slightly modified and simplified version of the standard WeChat business account, which usually helps to quickly understand the navigation and functionality of the tool.

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Business account registration

Account Registration

System requirements
A fresh version of your browser and a stable Internet connection. Otherwise, WechSpy is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and computers, regardless of the manufacturer and operating system installed. The point is that WechSpy is a web application, which means that a browser-based interface is sufficient for stable access to the full functionality of the software.
When registering for a business account, WechSpy users can use the virtual phone number assigned to their account. Keep in mind that the only type of business account available to foreigners is a service account. If you choose any other account type, you will be able to sign up but the functionality of your account will be significantly limited.

Can't create a WeChat account? Let's see what's the reason:


SMS not received

Not getting SMS with confirmation code / Wrong phone number In this scenario, the best solution would be to use Chinese phone number. The most effective solution is WechSpy application, there you will find the necessary help with WeChat account registration.


Account activation required

It is necessary to activate the account by another user How to solve the problem with QR code in WeChat? The most reliable way, again, WechSpy. This WeChat activation program will allow verification in WeChat without a phone number in just a few minutes.


Create a Chinese business account

How do I create a Chinese business account in WeChat? Using the same WeChat activation app, you will be able to register a business account with a Chinese number.


What Our Customers Say About Us

star star star star star5

Finally! Fifth month living in China, but without a local card, and all this time living without WeChat Pay, which oooh very difficult! Tried a couple of local companies that do it, nothing worked. With this application worked, which is very happy! THANK YOU!

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star star star star star5

I used it to top up my Wechat Pay. All cool, money came into my account in full. I will continue using it in the future and hope everything will be alright with the app, you have a good future with such a fast service.

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star star star star star5

I have created a Chinese virtual phone number via WechSpy. It has very nice and efficient service, recommend it!

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star star star star star5

I have always trusted apps rather than people doing it manually. I was not disappointed and got all the features I expected. Thank you.

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Ykota Nize.
Ykota Nize.
star star star star star5

I am going to expand my business in China. I wanted to use Wechat to find out how the market and digital environment there is organized, but the app is very limited for foreigners.

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David Darwin
David Darwin
star star star star star5

The program completely satisfied me and met all my expectations. I have completely resolved all my issues with my ex-wife and no longer feel used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does third-party verification success depend on what country I am in?

As a rule, yes, it does. However, the importance of this factor is minimized if you use WechSpy: the high status of the accounts used for verification ensures that the verification is successful no matter where you are.

Is there any guarantee that my data will not be shared with third parties?

Yes, these assurances are set out in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Not only is user data inaccessible to third parties, but also to members of the WechSpy team - all user data is stored on secure servers in encrypted form.

How secure is this in terms of storing money? Can't the account be blocked?

It's absolutely safe, the approach described above guarantees complete security of the wallet, in the entire existence of the software, not a single WeChat Pay account has been blocked.

Will I be able to use WechSpy to re-verify my account or when authorizing on new devices?

Yes, of course, once your registration is complete, all the functionality you purchased will be available to you on a permanent basis. You will be able to request and receive an unlimited number of SMS messages for account authorization or re-verification.

How can I top up my WeChat Pay wallet?

Generally, this requires a UnionPay bank card issued in China. However, if the alternative: you can use a virtual WechSpy card to activate a wallet and then synchronize it with your WechSpy account. That way, when you top up your WechSpy account, you will automatically top up the wallet.