Track a person

How to track a person via WeChat account

WeChat allows you to track payment histories and user movements

The main reason why many users prefer to use WeChat for communication rather than Whatsapp or Viber is the variety of interesting, useful and convenient features in the Chinese messenger. Among other things, the application allows you to make money transfers, order food and air tickets, choose movie sessions and the most suitable bus flights, book rooms in hotels and tables in restaurants.

But WeChat has its disadvantages. Among them - reduced functionality of the international version of the application, a little uncomfortable interface, outdated animation for modern software products, the inability to rewind and accelerate voice messages. Although the presented disadvantages are very frustrating when working with the messenger, they have almost no effect on its popularity. After all, worthy competitors with the same extensive and convenient functionality at WeChat does not.

What you can learn about the person, getting access to his account in WeChat

As we wrote above, the Chinese and international versions of the messenger have some differences. But even outside of China, the user has the opportunity to use the extended functionality of the application (if you have a Chinese sim). Of the features of the software, it is worth noting:

  1. Time Capsule - an analogue of stories in Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.
  2. Moments - a symbiosis of familiar feeds in other social networks. It is formed on the basis of users' social preferences.
  3. Red Packets - sending cash envelopes to friends and followers.
  4. Mini-program - integrated applications that do not require additional installation and configuration.
  5. WeChat Pay - the ability to pay for products and services directly from the messenger interface.
  6. Official Accounts - a solution for companies, communities and bloggers.
  7. Shake - for new acquaintances, finding movies and music, tracking promotions and discounts.
  8. Bottle - the ability to send a message in the form of a bottle in the sea. The sending will be active until someone picks it up.

Naturally, like any communication app, WeChat allows you to exchange media files, text and voice messages, make calls and hold conferences. But in addition to this, it also gives the opportunity to use various government services, including making appointments at any government offices.

Variety of services available for WeChat users

It is possible to track all the actions of a user in the social network just by accessing his account. That is, according to one authorization data, suitable for logging into the account WeChat, you can find out almost everything about the life of the person you are interested in.

WeChat for computers and laptops

Despite the fact that initially WeChat was developed exclusively for mobile platforms, the developers still added the possibility to install the application on a PC or laptop under Windows and Mac. And also made a special version that runs in the browser and does not require installation.

After the installation of the application to the computer or opening of the browser version, there will appear a QR code. Then you'll have to enter your account in WeChat on the smartphone and scan the code, appearing on the screen of PC or laptop.

QR-code for authorization in the computer version of the application

This innovation gives the possibility to track the history of payments, movement and other activity of the close person through WeChat. But in order to do this, you'll need to get physical access to the phone with the target account. You can do this if the account of interest belongs to a husband, wife, child or other close person who lives with you in the same territory and doesn't mind that you sometimes use his smartphone for personal purposes.

Otherwise, the computer version of the messenger is just a convenient innovation that makes working with the popular social network easier.

Как отследить перемещение или историю платежей пользователя через WeChat

Given such an extensive functionality of the application and the huge amount of personal data it stores about its users, the developers of the messenger pay special attention to security and the protection of confidential information. That is, to get access to your account using phishing pages, keyloggers and other popular spy techniques, is virtually unrealistic. So you need to use some other methods here.

To track correspondence, travel history, search queries and actions saved in the messenger, as well as payments in WeChat Pay is possible only by getting full access to the mobile version of the social application. You can do this by using the Wechspy application. Web-software is already installed, configured and ready to work on the remote server, and all user has to do to launch it is to enter the URL of the target account or a cell phone number, linked to the account.

Launching the Wechspy application

Presented software will collect complete information about the target user's messenger activity, compile it into a single archive and provide it to the initiator of the attack. The user only needs to download the generated data packet and unpack it on his device.

For a successful result and to get the information of interest you will need:

  • high-speed and stable Internet connection - to avoid interruptions when downloading the archive (otherwise the entire data packet will have to be downloaded repeatedly);
  • the latest version of a popular browser - to display the user interface of the program correctly (new versions of software are issued in accordance with the latest changes in browsers);
  • more than 3-4 GB of free disk space - this is the average size of an archive of user information (the same amount of free space will be required to unpack it).

Wechspy allows full access to the messages sent and received, calls made, installed mini-programs, published stories, search queries, marked GPS coordinates, payments made through WeChat Pay and other information about the target user, which is stored on WeChat servers.