Track Another Person's WeChat Moments

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To start tracking, enter the ID of the target account or the phone number to which it is linked:
  • check Hacked user's published Moments history
  • check Access Time Capsules, regardless of privacy settings
  • check Track the public pages managed by the user
  • check Activity feed that displays comments and likes
  • check View content from deleted Moments and Time Capsules

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I had important videos stored in Moments
and you didn't save them anywhere else
no :( is there any way to recover the Moments that have disappeared in wechat?
there is an application called wechspy
it hacks into database of any wechat account
Wow, all it takes is a phone number.
I'll buy it now. I think it'll work.
wait a minute, I'll send you my referral link :)
Track WeChat Moments

How to Track Hidden Information on WeChat

In addition to monitoring moments, the moments tracker in WeChat can be used to view hidden moments in WeChat, track hidden comments on moments, reconstruct other person's time capsules. In addition, WechSpy is an app for tracking comments and likes in WeChat, making it the only real way to anonymously hack another person's WeChat moments, track expired time capsules, track comments and likes using just one moments and time capsules tracker app.

Tracking WeChat Moments

Tracking WeChat Moments

Complete Publications History

With the WechSpy app, the user gets exclusive access to the full history of publications in the Moments feed. The software makes a complete copy of the feed, so even posts that have been hidden by privacy settings are displayed in the Dashboard. For each Moment, the editing history, if any, is shown.

Comments and Reactions

The Moments tracker is a versatile way to see comments and likes from users who aren't on your friend list. The WechSpy interface has a flexible system for navigating through the comment archive: you can search for comments by keyword, sender, or, for example, sort by the number of responses or reactions to comments.

Capturing Time Capsules

Instant Recovery of Any Publication

As with Moments, the software parses the account database and keeps track of all Time Capsules ever created. Recoverability does not depend on how long ago the publication expired, and comments and likes are also recovered for each Time Capsule. If a user is in group chats, WechSpy tracks the Capsules of all chat participants.

Detailed Statistics of Views

A number of metrics are published for each Time Capsule: number of views, likes and comments, percentage of sessions when the video was viewed to the end. You can compare these metrics for all Capsules under the Dashboard > Publications > Time Capsules tab. When tracking new publications, the app tracks and duplicates the statistics in the app interface in real time.

Time Capsules.
Intercepting Time Capsules.
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Hacking a public page

View All Managed Pages

Identify the Pages a Person Manages

Access to the internal data of public pages is available to WechSpy users who have purchased the necessary package to do so. However, all users, regardless of the functionality purchased, can track which public pages are owned or managed by the author of the hacked account. The tools needed for hacking can be purchased at any time.

Hacking a Public Page

WeChat internal architecture features allow scaling of the hack: for example, in order to gain full access to the page's database, it is sufficient for the hacked user to hold some role in the page's management. If they own the page, the WechSpy app can then manage the page and publish, edit, and delete content.

Monitoring WeChat User Activity

Tracking Likes and Comments

In addition to monitoring Moments and Time Capsules, WechSpy's standard feature set includes tracking a target user's activity under other people's posts. For more focused tracking, you can create appropriate notification scripts so that the software only notifies you of interesting and relevant updates.

Activity on Other People's Profiles

If you decide to analyze account's activity history, we recommend you use the Activity Feed, a tool for visualizing any information from the compromised database in the most compact and clear way possible. What makes it especially handy is the extensive but clear system of filtering and sorting content.

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Monitoring WeChat user activity

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track another person's Moments if I don't know the phone number to which their WeChat account is linked?

Yes, using the WechSpy app, you can hack another user with just their WeChat ID. The app will trace the phone number that the account is registered to and display it in the information block in Dashboard.

Does the ability to track the Time Capsule affect how long ago it was published?

No, the software can break into the Time Capsule regardless of the publication date.

Will the software be able to track postings that were blocked by WeChat security?

As a rule, data about such publications is not deleted from the WeChat account database. With a high probability of such a publication can be tracked, however, we cannot give a 100% guarantee for the recovery of the blocked publication.

Will using a VPN affect the possibility of hacking?

No, the only thing that can be negatively affected by using a VPN is the speed of your Internet connection.