GPS Tracking App for WeChat

Track Another Person's Location

Before you start geolocation tracking, enter the ID of the account you want to track or the phone number it's registered to:
  • check Real-time geo-positioning monitoring
  • check Information about visits to places, places of interest, events
  • check History of travel by cab and public transport
  • check Hacking and tracking "People Around You" function
  • check User-friendly interface for working with geo data

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Location on the map
Chris Labov
I forgot my bag with a laptop and tablets in the subway
Not a problem, there are many options to track the GPS device
for example?
user2 tracks by phone number via wechat
I'll check it out now, hopefully it works!

How to Securely Track a Person on Wechat?

The fastest and safest way to find out where a WeChat user is is to purchase a proven geolocation tracker. Optimal in price and functionality, a location tracker can not only track another person's movements through WeChat, but also hack the "people nearby" feature. Such functionality makes it the most reliable geodata tracking software in WeChat. Tracking another person's cab orders and tracking places and events visited are also available in the software.

us 93309, California Ave Suite 3, Bakersfield

15 days ago

cn 93309, California Ave Suite 3, Bakersfield

15 days ago 10 minutes ago

cn 92008, The Crossings Dr, Carlsbad

2 days ago

cn United States, CA 95814 125 I St, Sacramento

5 minutes ago

Online WeChat Location Tracking

Broadcasting Up-to-date Geodata

WeChat geolocation tracking is done by broadcasting the coordinates of the hacked user's actual location to the WechSpy Dashboard. In the application interface, the coordinates are applied and displayed on web maps. If desired, the user can copy the coordinates in one click and open them in any other web maps.

Smart Notifications and Virtual Barriers

The WechSpy notification system includes the ability to zone track the target user's movements: you can select zones with a radius of 100 meters to 5 km, and then the software will notify you when the account holder has left or entered a specified zone.

Information about Visited Places and Events

Interactive Calendar

WechSpy algorithms constantly analyze the target user's online behavior and keep track of the activities and places he or she has marked and added to his or her calendar or organizer in one way or another. All activities are displayed in an interactive calendar available in the Dashboard. WechSpy users can edit, delete and create new cells in the calendar.

Exportable Data Archive

The data packets used in the calendar can be exported and then downloaded to your device, or uploaded to another web calendar. The exported CSV file will contain the name of the place or event, time and date (for events), coordinates, and a link to the social media page.

People Nearby
Oleg G

4.21 km away

Kim Po

6.17 km away

Adriana Koto

7.25 km from here

Sergei Makhno

12.29 km from here

Michael Rolton

17.38 km from here

Hacking the "People Nearby" Feature

History of Using the Feature

The People Nearby feature is a kind of dating service in WeChat, designed to allow users to meet and chat with people nearby. The WechSpy app uses this feature to access the WeChat API. With this access, the software parses the data of all users nearby and implements...

...tracking users added to Contacts

This tool is a completely unique solution even for today's spy software market. Using data from People Nearby, WechSpy can continuously track a hacked user's meetings with users added to WeChat Contacts (i.e., essentially his entire social circle).

WechSpy - Track WeChat Movement History

Built-in Web Maps

WechSpy software is implemented as a browser-based web application with interactive web maps integrated into the interface based on OpenStreetMap. This approach made WechSpy maps a self-contained tool with a number of unique features. The software also loads some of the resulting data into a cache, making it available for offline viewing.

Synchronization with Other Maps

Using the open-source map engine allows the application to synchronize with other web-map services - Google Maps, Apple Maps, OpenStreetMap. Thus, WechSpy users can open and save any tags and routes from the app to the mapping apps they use on a regular basis.

No Need to Download and Install

We made WechSpy a web app for reasons of standalone and accessibility. First, the software uses almost no resources of the device - all the workload of hacking and location tracking falls on our hardware. Secondly, the application requires only a web browser, so it's accessible from any country and from any device.

Multi Tracking on the Map

Several Simultaneous Tracking Sessions

Currently, a single WechSpy user can run up to five simultaneous sessions tracking other people's geodata in WeChat. If you have already started one session and want to create more - don't worry, you can do it at any time by going to - Dashboard - Settings - Active Hacking and Tracking Sessions.

Adaptable and Intuitive Interface

The technological stack involved in the development of the Dashboard allows you to track the location of multiple users without affecting the functionality of the application or the user experience: the interface provides two modes of displaying the geodata of tracked users - one-time and separate.

WeChat Location Tracking
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Travel history on cabs and public transportation

How do I track someone's location via WeChat? 3 steps

By following the sequence of steps described below, you'll be able to access the geolocation information of any WeChat user at all times.


Specify the target phone number

After the app confirms the ability to track the geolocation of the specified number, create a WechSpy account.


Choose a service package

The package you choose depends on the tracking functionality available to you and the number of devices and users you can track.


Wait until the hack is complete

The installation of surveillance takes no more than 30-40 minutes. The software will notify you when the installation is complete by sending a notification.

Anonymous WeChat monitoring

Hacking and encryption of received data

WeChat account history information will be uploaded to your Dashboard after the session starts.


Enter user number or ID


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track another person's location in WeChat by ID?

Yes, WechSpy functionality allows you to set up geodata tracking by ID only, without a phone number.

When tracking a cab order, can I track the geolocation of a cab if the user's phone is turned off?

Yes, when tracking a cab, the software connects to an additional geo data source, thus making it possible to track the target user's movements when the device is turned off.

Is multi-tracking available for standard package users?

No, multi-tracking requires users to purchase an extended service package.

Can I track another person's IP address through WechSpy?

Yes, easily. Go to Settings and open the Devices tab - there you will find the current IP addresses of all the devices where the hacked WechSpy account is authorized.