Hack Someone's Contact List on WeChat

Remote Call Tracking and Wiretapping

To access WechSpy functionality, you need to create an account. First, specify the ID or phone number of the target user:
  • check Access the hacked user's contact list
  • check Notifications of added and deleted contacts
  • check Monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls
  • check Wiretapping, and recording of voice and video calls
  • check Hacking call history on authorized devices

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Aube Boyer
Jakubina Kulik

Nowi Heuvel

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Alan Holand
they say he can wiretap my wechat
is it possible?
It seems that there are applications which can do this
Really, you can even find them on google
Hey, it's cheap. Let's check it out.
Do you mind if I try to install it on your number?
Go for it.)

How do I Hack a WeChat Contact List?

WeChat does not allow you to track another person's contacts. However, contact tracking can be implemented through a spy app. For example, the program WechSpy will allow you to find out how the list of contacts was edited recently (which contact was added, deleted or changed).


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Retrieve a List of WeChat Contacts

Exporting and Saving Received Data

To view the contact list, you can use the software interface or an exported CSV table that you can open via Microsoft Excel on Windows devices, Numbers on iOS and MacOS devices, and the Google Drive web application. The table will contain all information related to the contact, including SMS and call history.

Data about Deleted and Blocked Contacts

The contact tracking application automatically tracks information about contacts that have been deleted or blacklisted by the account owner. For such contacts the software restores data packets of the same types as for standard contact tracking. In addition, with WechSpy you can determine when and why a contact was deleted or blocked.

Online WeChat Call Tracking

Complete WeChat Call Log

There are two call tracking modes in the application: in the basic mode, the software collects information about new outgoing and incoming calls, and immediately publishes it in the Dashboard. In advanced WeChat call tracking mode, the system sends the user notifications of calls, and allows one-click access to listen to voice and video calls.

Hack Call History on Device

Using WeChat's advanced call tracking mode to track another person's calls also involves the ability to instantly learn about phone calls made from authorized devices. In addition, the Dashboard > Call History > Data on Device displays the history of calls on the device, including information about the time and duration of the call.

Online Tracking of Calls in WeChat

incoming call

Muhammad Hany

Muhammad Hany

?? number

Installation of WeChat Wiretapping

WechSpy's WeChat wiretapping is performed by broadcasting audio and video of the call from a virtual device where the compromised account is authorized, to the software's interface. Users can adjust the quality of the broadcast to synchronize the listening call with the speed of their Internet connection.

Recording Conversations in Audio File

Another important feature to keep track of another person's calls in WeChat is a backup of the call recording to the WechSpy storage. Call recording is an optional feature that is disabled by default and can be activated in Settings. In order to save storage memory, you can download recordings to your device and then delete them from the cloud.

How to Wiretap Calls in WeChat App

The peculiarity of WeChat contact and call tracking through WechSpy is that the application allows you to scale the hack, and get access to the list of contacts and call logs of all devices on which the tracked WeChat account is authorized. In order to track such information, the software uses the device's memory access permission held by the WeChat app.

Tracking Changes to WeChat Contact List

The software tracks any changes to the WeChat contact list and authorized devices in real time. As soon as the compromised user adds a new contact, deletes a contact, or makes any changes to an existing contact, the system will display this information in the Activity Ribbon in the Dashboard.

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Tracking contacts and calls WeChat

How To Track Another Person's Calls on WeChat

The only real way to find out who the user has called to is to use an app that supports real-time call tracking. Call tracker is an effective method of hacking call history in WeChat. The call history is tracked using technology that gives a 100% guarantee of successful hacking. In addition, using the software, you can set up online call tapping.

Anonymous WeChat monitoring

Hacking and encryption of received data

WeChat account history information will be uploaded to your Dashboard after the session starts.


Enter user number or ID

Latest update

WechSpy Version 5.6.1

Advanced call tracking in group chats. Tracking group calls in WeChat is now even more informative: we've expanded the list of data the software parses, and now the cell of any group call will contain information about when participants joined the call, who initiated the call, and whether any user put the call on hold.
Hacking the contact list in other apps
An add-on that allows an application to access the contact list of applications that do not encrypt this data. Such applications include, for example, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to track the data of the user with whom the target account owner communicates if he or she isn't added to the account's contact list?

Yes, the user's data somehow falls into the tracking range, as it becomes public during the key exchange that takes place when calls are initiated.

Does contact tracking enable phone number tracking, provided the users' own privacy settings hide this data?

Yes, the default privacy settings are not relevant for the WechSpy software. The software parses information directly from the WeChat database.

Can I purchase advanced wiretapping functionality if I'm currently a user with the standard package?

Yes, you can expand the functionality available to you at any time. To purchase new tools, go to Settings > Account Information > Features.

Can I track calls and contacts on my device if the WeChat app does not have this permission?

No, but such privacy settings are very rare. Not having this permission greatly limits the WeChat experience, so statistics show that users give the app permission to access the device's memory in the vast majority of cases.