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To run the hack, enter the ID of the target account or the phone number it is registered to:
  • check View another WeChat account's payment history
  • check Tracking new activity in WeChat Pay
  • check Parsing the payment data of the compromised account
  • check Accessing the QR code used to confirm payment
  • check Tools for analyzing payment data

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Tracking payments on WeChat Pay
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Track other people's payments in WeChat

How to Track Payments on WeChat Pay?

Tracking Payments on WeChat is a demanded unique service, which has almost no analogues on the market of tracking software at the moment. The only solution for tracking payments in the app is the WechSpy tracker, which allows you to see the transaction history of any user. The software can be used to track another person's WeChat Pay by phone number or user ID. To hack WeChat Pay, all you have to do is register with the system and provide the person's ID or phone number. WeChat Pay is a working way to anonymously and securely track another person's purchases in WeChat online.

Order-ID 544356 100

Saved in Balance

10-29 13:52

Order-ID 574358 21.42

Payment successful 21.5

10-26 14:36

Order-ID 577334 5

Payment successful 5.20

10-26 02:42

Order-ID 577334 25.63

Payment successful 25.80

10-25 13:10

Tracking Payment History on WeChat Pay

One of the key differences between WeChat and other popular messengers is its integration with payment systems. The account of any WeChat user keeps a complete archive of information about payments and purchases made. The software synchronizes another person's WeChat Pay data packets with the WechSpy Dashboard.

All the Data Can Be Exported

You can track someone else's payments in WeChat in two ways: through the WechSpy interface or by downloading the payment history to your device. To download, the software exports data on purchases and money transfers in the form of a CSV table containing the following fields: buyer (sender), seller (recipient), date of payment, purchased goods, total order value.

Tracking History of Payments and Purchases

Smart Search and Multiple Filters

The application interface has a smart search and filtering system for searching and filtering payments. In addition to basic search parameters (merchant, purchase date, order number in the system), users can track money transfers in WeChat using metrics developed using artificial intelligence: payment type, store type, availability of goods in the account owner's wish list.

Flexible Notification System

Notifications are the optimal way to promptly find out what another person bought through WeChat. With default settings, notifications about new payments are disabled, but you can go to Dashboard > Settings > Notifications > Payments at any time, enable them and configure flexible notification scenarios to track only those payments you are interested in.

Tracking of Payment and Purchase History
Tracking Payment Methods

Track Payment Methods

Identify All Payment Methods Ever Linked to Account

The app allows you to track the public details of all cards and wallets that have ever been used to pay for goods or make money transfers through WeChat Pay. The app allows you to see the name of the cardholder or e-wallet with which a transaction or transfer was made.

Account Balance Tracking Tool

The features of WeChat architecture also make it possible to track the balance of any payment method that is currently linked to a WeChat Pay account. The software sends multiple purchase requests for different amounts to the system simultaneously, gradually narrowing down the range of the amounts specified in the requests, thus finally determining the amount of money on the account.

Tracking Personal QR Code on WeChat Pay

How It Works and How to Use

The WeChat Pay QR code is used to instantly pay for purchases through WeChat Pay. WechSpy algorithms track the QR code by constantly tracking new offline payments. As soon as the software receives information that the code has been applied, it instantly takes a screenshot and then duplicates the resulting screenshot in the Dashboard (Payments > QR Code Tracking).

Erasing Payments from the History

If necessary, users can delete transfer information from the payment history of their WeChat account. However, it is important to keep in mind that the account owner can track deleted payments by contacting Support. Detection of third-party interference can lead to the closure of all active account sessions and subsequent loss of access to the database.

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Tracking payments on WeChat Pay
Auto updates every minute

WechSpy Guarantees Data Tracking Security and Privacy

Application user information and compromised account data are stored on our servers in a secure form. We do not use them for advertising purposes and do not disclose them to third parties.

Anonymous WeChat monitoring

Hacking and encryption of received data

WeChat account history information will be uploaded to your Dashboard after the session starts.


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Last update

WechSpy version 5.6.1

In this new update, we have implemented several developments that can fundamentally change your experience of spying on another person through WeChat. If you get the urge to leave feedback or report any issues while using the new features, feel free to write to support, we'll be sure to process your request and notify you of the result.
Payments in the activity feed The Activity Ribbon is a universal tool for tracking WeChat profile activity. Payments will now be displayed in the ribbon, and using filters and sorting, you can adjust the output in such a way as to weed out all unnecessary information.
Markers are designed for users to control sorting payments themselves. When you click on a payment, you can mark it with one of 10 existing markers. The concept of markers is implemented in the form of icons of different colors that will appear in the payment cell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to use another person's payment QR code after I track their financial history through WechSpy?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend that you be cautious: even though you can delete payment data from transfer history, any use of the QR code may result in the account owner discovering a hack and contacting WeChat Support.

How long can the software track payments by WeChat users?

After acquiring WechSpy, all functionality of the software becomes open to users on a permanent basis.

Can I track a user's payment method if it was linked to a WeChat Pay account after I hacked through WechSpy?

Yes, the time and date the payment method was linked is irrelevant. The app tracks all past, present, and future payment methods that the account owner ties to their WeChat Pay account.

Can WeChat security track my IP address?

No, don't worry, using WechSpy is completely anonymous and secure. All interactions with WeChat database happen on your virtual device, users get access to the information through the third-party interface. Thus, you do not interact in any way with the security system of WeChat.