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Reset WeChat Password

  • June 21st

    Reset password via email

    If you have linked WeChat ID with an email address, you can use email address to reset password.

    - If you have signed up with your phone number, you can log in to WeChat on "Forgot password" -> Login via SMS on the WeChat login page.


How to Restore a Blocked WeChat Account

How to unblock my account in WeChat? Unblocking application WechSpy is the most effective way to restore a deleted or blocked WeChat profile. The technological functionality of WeChat recovery software also implies the ability to recover deleted messages, chats, and even deleted Moments and Time Capsules.

Eligibility for request: Users who are unable to log in to WeChat via the mobile number, QQ ID or email linked to WeChat and users who have forgotten their password.

The result will be sent to your mobile via SMS within 24 hours.

Once the request is successful, follow the instructions to log in via your WeChat ID and new password.

Recover a Deleted Account

WeChat Data Storage Features

According to WeChat policy, data about deleted accounts is stored on the application's servers for 730 days after deletion. Thus, it is possible to get back a deleted WeChat account by means of WechSpy only if it was deleted not earlier than 2 years before the actual moment. However, in case it is impossible to restore it, the software will notify you before accepting the payment.

Insurance in Case of Repeated Deletion

Using the software guarantees that the account can be restored again. Regardless of whether the account was deleted by you or the deletion was a result of a blocked profile, WechSpy's usage policy guarantees the successful recovery of all data.

Recovering Deleted Moments

Recovering Any Type of Publications

Users can return any WeChat Moment to the feed. This is possible because all data associated with the account is preserved even if the publications have been deleted from public access. If you choose to use the software to restore Moments in WeChat, you will be able to set different privacy settings from those that were relevant before the Moment was deleted before returning the post.

Accessing Published Content without Restoring

There is an option in the functionality of the software that involves allowing user to access a batch of publication data without restoring the post to the feed. Content from a publication can be viewed in the Dashboard, downloaded to the device, or saved as a draft which can later be edited and published as a new Moment.

Recovering Deleted Moments
Can you believe I lost all my WeChat correspondence?
Yeah, that's a common problem.
Do you know any ways to recover deleted messages there?
Either through customer service or a third-party app.
Usually the second option is a lot easier.
Okay, well, what kind of apps do you recommend?
I google wechspy, what do you think?
Yeah, that's the most proven option.

How to Restore Deleted Messages in WeChat?

Like erased posts, messages and chats can be viewed or recovered no matter how long ago they were deleted. WechSpy's algorithms duplicate information about all of the account's correspondence in the Dashboard. To find them, open Filters in the Correspondence tab, select the "Deleted chats and messages" filter, and click Apply.

Messages Editing History

For all sent and received messages in private and group chats, you can view the editing history. All edits are sorted in chronological order. You can find edited messages in two ways: either by selecting the appropriate filter, or by manually searching for them in the dialog box - such messages are marked with a pencil icon in the WechSpy interface.

Unlocking a WeChat Account

How Does It Happen

Right now, the WechSpy app is the only solution on the market that allows you to unlock your WeChat account without going to support. To restore a locked account, it doesn't matter what was the reason for the blocking. The main thing to remember: as in the case of a deleted account, the data about it is stored on WeChat servers for 730 days.

Unblocking a Public Page

In order to be able to unblock a public page in WeChat with WechSpy, user must have the rights of the page owner. The important advantage of restoring a banned community via the software is that, once the page is unblocked, all of the content that was on the page before the ban, as well as the likes, comments, and products, will be returned to the page.

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Account Data Management Tool

Data Storage

An indirect, but therefore no less useful and sought-after feature that opens up to users after restoring with WechSpy is the ability to use the app as a backup tool for their WeChat account. By default, the software saves all account data in the vault, but you can change these settings in Settings if necessary.

Downloading to Device

What's more, the software gives you the exclusive ability to download media files, message history, call history, likes and comments, and more to your device. Any data packets larger than 50 megabytes are archived in a ZIP file before downloading, and the application's technological back-end ensures downloads at the maximum speed for your Internet connection when it's distributed.

Track Someone's Status on WeChat

Last Activity of a User

Another tool, currently unparalleled in the market of third-party software for WeChat - the ability to track user's last activity in WeChat. To find out when the person last logged in to the application, open the Contacts tab in the Dashboard, find a user you are interested in, and click on him - in the chat window that will open, you will see the status of activity.

Message Status

Another familiar information that WeChat hides from users - information about whether the message was delivered or read. The tool is currently in beta testing, but WechSpy users can already find out if a message has been read in WeChat. Once testing is complete, we also plan to implement delivery status tracking.


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Michael Jao

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How to Find Out When a Person Was Online on WeChat

There is a proven way to track activity status in WeChat. You can determine when you last logged into WeChat using WechSpy. To track the status of a sent message, you just need to purchase the basic functionality of the software.

Anonymous WeChat monitoring

Hacking and encryption of received data

WeChat account history information will be uploaded to your Dashboard after the session starts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to see messages, posts, comments and call history in WeChat, after I restore my deleted account via WechSpy?

Yes, you will. Restoring a WeChat account involves returning all of the account data.

Suppose my account was blocked for a certain post. Will it be deleted when I restore my profile and, if not, will it get blocked again?

The software does not delete account data without the account owner's input. However, if the system identifies any postings as potentially triggering a lockout, a notification will be sent to user with an offer to erase the postings.

Can I use WechSpy to get my stolen WeChat account back?

Yes, the app can be used to regain lost access to a WeChat account without contacting customer service and without a phone number. The sequence of steps to get your stolen account back is identical to the account recovery procedure.

Can I track a user's activity status if they are not added to Contacts?

No, to find out when WeChat user was last online, you need to add him/her to Contacts first.